Crate of Kiln Dried Silver Birch 1.2m3




  • Bright & Lively Flame
  • Easy To Light Firewood
  • Quick Heat Output

Kiln-dried silver birch logs offer a great heat output and a nice lively flame in the fire. Unbeknownst to some, silver birch is actually the most widely used firewood in the UK.

Birch lights very easily and gets up to temperature quicker than Ash or Oak.

Our logs are sourced responsibly from a reputable producer, offering consistently good quality, along with the peace of mind that your fuel is being sourced in the right way.

These crates are hand-stacked, and each log is cut to a length of 25cm. This crates contain 1.2m3 of 100% birch firewood.

Crate measures: 120cm high x 118cm wide x 85cm deep = 1.2 cubic metre crate

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