Portable Gas Heater / Superser


Heat Settings 1500W, 2800W & 4200W
Gas Consumption 110g/h, 200g/h & 305g/h
Heating Area up to 60 cubic metres
Approx Weight 9kg

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This portable space heater features 3 heat settings with easy to use controls to operate and change these temperatures. It comes with ceramic heating plates and the built-in ignition button means there is no difficulty getting the heater started. This product is ideal for use in commercial or personal use where heating a large space is necessary. The Kingavon Portable Gas Heater has a high thermal efficiency which means that this heater works better at higher temperatures as indicated by the gas consumption rate in relation to the power being used. This heater is easily moved around with the sturdy wheels/casters used to make this gas cabinet heater portable. The Kingavon Portable Gas Heater also has an anti-tilt safety system which will turn off the heater if it is knocked or falls over ensure that no fire damage is caused to the unit or to the surrounding area.


Gas bottle not included*

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